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  1. Another update from support about the timeline: If you aren't already familiar with our efforts to redesign and improve the Evernote editor, I recommend taking a look at the following blog post: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/22/the-future-of-writing-in-evernote/. While I do not have a firm timeline for when this will be released, we do hope to roll this out on the Windows client in the next couple of months. While we expect the fix for this should be available before January, if you are still experiencing this issue in the new year, please feel free to follow-up and I'll be happy to give you an update on the status of the issue.
  2. I can't do beta programs any more. Especially with my Evernote data too risky. I can't loose or corrupt any data in Evernote. I would die along with my Evernote account I am excited to hear it is getting resolved! Thanks for the update! Support said a fix is coming for Windows too. No timeline, but it is nice to know it is a known issue at least.
  3. Hi folks. Rotating does fix the issue, but I put in so many images into Evernote on my iPhont 6s. I hate having to fix them before I can view them. I am contacting support. I will update what I hear back from them Here are the notes I am sending to them if anyone is interested http://www.evernote.com/l/AAbxb6tcoRhO0KQ_SSyehUdxYfJ-MBAzPAw/ Support ticket: #1868692
  4. My two cents as a long term Evernote fan... I was super sad to see that Evernote is increasing Premium prices. I was more sad to see Evernote limiting the number of devices to only 2 per account for the free version. I always have LOVED Evernote Premium. I have never even investigated any other option. My wife is also using Evernote for saving her blogs long term, but she has more than 2 devices where she will need access. With those new changes, I am now looking into OneNote. I will definitely have to bring my wife to One Note. I may also need to migrate my 10,368 notes to One Note as well. As I said, I LOVE Evernote. My wife and I even bought the t-shirts. I even have 2 of them I have over 10,000 notes. I will probably not be recommending Evernote any more because of these changes. I get changes like this happen and I doubt anything I do will change that. I just wanted to give some feedback as a long term fan. I never thought I would ever be jumping to another note program. Now am pulling all my notes into OneNote with the Windows tool... (carl sheds a tear)
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