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  1. As a premium user, I would like to use English interface but would like to set spell check language to Turkish. is there a way for it or shall I switch to Turkish user interface to solve this?
  2. uninstalled and installed, it solved the problem. thanks a lot
  3. definetely that's the problem, so i shall uninstall and reinstall?
  4. I use evernote premium in windows, in my notes I can not see the images, they are there but seems blank. any solutions? when i open the note i see it, but then when i press the image on the note, it is blank again
  5. It is really very disappointing for such a modern application not have this feature
  6. this one worked thanks a lot, though I lost the font sharpness with my 4K display, it is better than the small one.
  7. Maybe manifest file is wrong as i can not access "http://pastebin.com/XXqafS0P" site from Turkey, can anyone please upload that file's content anywhere else, thanks a lot
  8. I have created Evernote.exe.manifest named file and placed it in the correct folder, i added the DWORD value to the place, and i face this error: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=d6ao&s=8#.VJf6Jl4As
  9. How can i do this for windows 7? i couldn't find the mentioned registry value for windows 7
  10. Dear Evernote support, I use 4K screen with %170 font scale on windows 7 and evernote text is so small. Please let me know if you have already a solution for this problem
  11. is there any update on this, I can not use tapatalk still
  12. Is there any specific reason why there is no access to this forum from ipad apps like tapatalk, i would like to follow the forum from these type of apps. is there anyway to do this?
  13. thanks for your response, it might be nice at least to have the same feature existing on the web version for the PC version as well.
  14. When i try to share a notebook, my contacts does not show up and i have to write down one by one, on web version evernote contacts are retrieved, is there a solution for this? and also i have scanned many business cards, wouldnt it be nice if the emails on these cards are automatically retrieved during email share so that i dont need to lookup and write.
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