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  1. As a premium user, I would like to use English interface but would like to set spell check language to Turkish. is there a way for it or shall I switch to Turkish user interface to solve this?
  2. uninstalled and installed, it solved the problem. thanks a lot
  3. definetely that's the problem, so i shall uninstall and reinstall?
  4. I use evernote premium in windows, in my notes I can not see the images, they are there but seems blank. any solutions? when i open the note i see it, but then when i press the image on the note, it is blank again
  5. It is really very disappointing for such a modern application not have this feature
  6. Dear Evernote support, I use 4K screen with %170 font scale on windows 7 and evernote text is so small. Please let me know if you have already a solution for this problem
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