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  1. All these suggestions are hacks, the point is: Evernote does not have a story for the windows client on high resolution displays. Period. I'm sure it was a conscious product management decision, I still question it though - considering how common these displays are becoming. Too late for me, I was frustrated to the point that I simply switched to a macbook, for which the OSX Evernote thick client works perfectly. Gotta stay mainstream, otherwise you get dropped by software makers... just the reality.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion gazumped, really appreciate it. However, this is more or less a hack to get it to work, it's not a real solution. The UI layout is bad, things are fuzzy... It's 2015 not 1995, and to be honest Evernote is not living up to my minimum bar as far as quality software goes. Can the Evernote team please take note, this is a major issue for your top users!
  3. +1 for this issue. I'm running Evernote on a macbook pro (running Win7) and it looks horrible. Not really sure what to do, I'm a premium user and have been for 4 years. I can't stand using the slow thin client, so it has to be the desktop client. When will this be fixed? Reading through the thread sounds like these requests have been outstanding for over a year and totally ignored by the Evernote team. Pretty embarrassing to be honest... they put out features like 'Context' which are fancy but not very useful, yet they don't do what users are asking them for... sounds like Product Management at Evernote needs to be, umm, 'refreshed'.
  4. I think having a reliable 'full' backup (including notebook structure) is a must have for any business solution. Is this in the plans? Any ETA?
  5. +1 for me as well. Rather annoyed that this was just removed and users weren't informed. Very very poor form and super unprofessional. Evernote is going downhill... Please fix this ASAP!
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