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  1. You needn't stop there though! haha I'm sure everyone would be very interested in your saved searches. Also, that prefix way of sorting things may be a little painful to change but looks well worth it.
  2. Maybe inclination was high when developing the other platform updates, but they just said forget it when they got to the iPhone. What ever the case is, it's cramping my style, and I don't see how the addition of this feature (to bring it up to par with the other platforms) would cramp anyone else's.
  3. ....I don't know what you mean. Why do all of the other platforms have them, then?? I'm not talking about having each parent tag show all its baby tags, which the app Taggy can do if you need it, but simply showing how you organize them. It just doesn't make sense to have it available on my desktop and web client but not my phone.
  4. I'm literally shaking my head.... How hard does it have to be to add this feature? It's probably the only thing I can complain about on evernote and it seems so simple. I WANT to use the secret weapon method and really need to be able to see the tags as they are nested, but since that's not possible, anybody have any good workarounds??
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