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  1. No need to be rude about it... I get that it's frustrating but it's not her fault, these decisions are made at a higher level. My suspicion is that Evernote is prioritizing features that lead to $$$$ coming in (things that corporations are asking for, or things that drive users to the Pro version), vs. some esoteric technical feature that is requested by a bunch of old-school users who are mostly on the free Basic version are asking for. At least, that's how I read between the lines of Nancy's response.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I definitely appreciate the complexity of making these changes. Glad to know that it's on your list, at least!
  3. Just chiming in to add that I would also really, really like this feature. Been waiting for it for a year now. It would also be useful because sometimes when creating a note through the web interface on a slow connection, no thumbnail is created, and I would like to be able to create one manually later. Thanks!
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