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  1. I don't buy that. We're not talking about people who are saying "support RTF" vs "support HTML". This is plaintext, which is what the damn .ENEX files are already actually in. That's cool. Again, I could be totally wrong. It is just my opinion based on what I know about the service. [EDIT:] By the way, smarter people than me have tackled this question over the years. Here is one of the answers -- basically, it is conceivable, but not without reworking the service, and it would still (as I understand it) need to be contained inside of an .enml wrapper. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22897-wheres-evernote-going/page-2#entry119356 If you read the thread, you'll see that I was asking for exactly the same thing you are (plaintext) a couple years ago. I've decided (based on what I have read) that it is unlikely to happen, and perhaps even impossible within the app. Perhaps, as I said, I am wrong. 1. Yes, it loses all of the formatting and images — that's the point. 2. Interpreting the individual items? You mean as in the way Markdown fundamentally is meant to work? 3. It already supports plaintext in the form of ENEX files — the interpreter simply reads the ENEX files and renders it as formatted text. How could it be *harder* to tell it to *not* render? 4. I get that you seem to be pro-plaintext and pro-Markdown, but you keep offering reasons why we shouldn't even bother asking.
  2. I don't buy that. We're not talking about people who are saying "support RTF" vs "support HTML". This is plaintext, which is what the damn .ENEX files are already actually in.
  3. 1. I'm not using the Mac client. And when it "makes plain text", is it actually making the note plain text or is it simply the same as Simplify Formatting? Based on your own description of the fact that "EVERYTHING in Evernote is contained within an .xhtml file", then I'd say no, the Mac client isn't actually making it plaintext either. 2. I understand that everything is within an XHTML file. But how would that make it impossible to be plaintext? XHTML *is* a text file, simply showing as formatted otherwise, thanks to an interpreter/renderer. 3. I f it was good enough, then why would we all be asking for proper plaintext support. I'd argue that "good enough" isn't good enough. And your blog post (and many others) all seem to point to adding extra steps to the process, whether through an add-on or an additional application. Why would it be so hard to allow Evernote notes to be either in .ENEX or plaintext? We're asking for a feature, but you're arguing that we should just be happy with what already exists. Why?
  4. And if you're not using the Mac and iOS clients?
  5. Yes, Evernote doesn't actually handle plaintext. "Close enough" isn't enough. I put plaintext into a note, then Evernote has to be told to Remove Formatting. And that doesn't take, since it insists on changing it from plaintext to a formatted font. In order to fake it, I had to change the default font to a monospaced typeface. Which still isn't using plaintext. Plaintext is simpler, smaller, and faster. It's weird that Evernote doesn't play nice with it. I understand the appeal of various forms of formatting, but to neglect the most basic format of them all? That's just odd. Evernote supporting plaintext and Markdown would make Evernote pretty much perfect for me. And, I suspect, for a lot more people, too.
  6. The funny thing is there's two functions within Evernote that prove an automated formatting function can work: Simplify Formatting and Remove Formatting. It should be a simple third option. Maybe Simplify Formatting (Markdown), Simplify Formatting (RTF), and Remove Formatting (Plain Text). Just a suggestion.
  7. +1 for Markdown support. That would make Evernote near-perfect.
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