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  1. Hi. I'm well aware of that, but thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it.
  2. Hi, i'm well aware of that. I was looking for a different way, so it doesn't interrupt me with updates while I'm working, but I can keep up with the updates through RSS whenever I have time for that. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi everyone, After spending some time researching, I couldn't find a way to get Evernote updates through RSS. There's nothing on evernote.com, and here on the forum, it seems to exist an rss atom address, but it's not being renewed since 2018. I'm searching for an RSS/Atom address that contains Evernote updates, I don't mind having to filter it afterwards to get only what I need. My research has been a failure, hopefully some of you know the solution to this. Thank you very much.
  4. This is happening to me as well for a long time. It's really frustrating and a waste of time. And what's worst, this was working OK in the past, but it got broken in the updates. Like so many other things. I hope this can be fixed soon.
  5. Hi, Spell check stopped working for me (the 'as you type' feature) months ago. I've been researching, uninstalling and installing... nothing seems to work. It's a total mystery for me. It's a very important feature for me, and having to use other software is very inconvenient and a waste of time. Specially since when this EN feature was working on my Windows PC, it did very well indeed, even more taking into account that I use more than one language. I'm hopeful somebody could help me out with this. I really miss it. Thanks!
  6. The note size in the status bar is not always visible as it used to be. After selecting a note, the size (and also the word and character counts) shows up for less than a second and the hides. Then that info is nowhere to be seen. The only remaining info in the status bar is the note count. Is there anything I can do go back to the previous behavior where the note size was always visible? My Evernote is up to date ( Thanks.
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