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  1. Hi, I think I have an interim solution to the thumbnail problem, though I am only adding one picture to each note for the sole purpose of putting images in the notes list. There are two things going on when EverNote selects an image to use in the notes list. First it selects an image (the largest of the smallest - which I haven't tried to figure out yet) and second, it scales the image such that only the center portion of the image is displayed. This is the part that I fixed, well sort of at least. So if you are like me and just want an image in your notes list then this will help you get there. The result will look something like the image below: To get this I use paint but any photo software will work, I essentially scale and crop the image till I get something that is 252 pixels wide by 107 pixels high. I then I insert and center that image in a white rectangle that is 480 pixels wide x 256 pixels high. Something like this: When I am all done the image looks like this: Next I insert the whole image (image and border - 480 pixels wide x 256 pixels high) at the bottom of my note, though I am sure you can insert it anywhere, and Voila your Notes in your notes list will have a perfect little image in them just like this: I know it is not perfect but it is a place to start. Perhaps the EverNote Gods will see fit to grant us our wishes and allow us to just select an image to use in the notes list and possibly insert it without complicated scaling routines. Perhaps they will also grant us the option to choose - random picture selection like it is now, or user selection the way people seem to want to have it. In the mean time we will have to use intricate counter measures to get the images into the notes list though for now I am reasonably happy with the solution even though it will probably work with only one image in the note - as far as I know at least. Cheers and happy note taking, Sierk
  2. Hi, I often use day/ date like section headers in my notes, like "Monday 1/6" which Evernote then decides to turn into a link for creating a new calendar entry. This feature is of course cute, but for me completely useless, especially since what I really want is to change the section header to bold and black text, rather than blue and underlined. Is there a way to turn this persistent auto correct off? Thanks
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