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  1. good point. Might as well make a little noise in the official channel. Ticket# 3022878 - Evernote for Windows: Cannot remove Outlook add-in OR prevent its installation
  2. To follow up on my frustration level: I have deleted Evernote for Windows and will not re-install it until this issue is resolved. IF I need to reference something while on my work system, I pop up the web version, find the thing, and close it again. SO VERY LITTLE EYEBALL TIME ON EVERNOTE WHILE WORKING. This has made my work life happier, because Outlook does not piss me off as much; it is also a shame, because I used Evernote for work things more often when it was presented as a reasonable and reliable app. Evernote has been relegated to personal use almost exclusively now. It's great for recipes, but I'm pretty sure the product team had loftier goals. Feeling bitter and unhelped.
  3. I have recently had Office 2016 pushed to my laptop, and I'm also in the "I don't want the Evernote add-in" camp. I have unchecked the COM add-in and closed / rebooted / opened Outlook again. There it is, slowing things down because it's disabled but not GONE. (I will also say that there is another phantom add-in I cannot get rid of for good, so Evernote has company.) If there is a DLL I can delete to make this problem go away forever, can someone please tell me what it is? Thanks.
  4. I have not had this issue before, but my latest Windows updates (corporate Exchange server environment) and latest Evernote update brought me here. I don't know what the Evernote add-in for Outlook does, nor do I want to take the time to find out. My Outlook environment should be completely separate from Evernote, which is my note-taking tool and personal life organizer ONLY. So yeah, I'm in the "stop pushing the add-in into Outlook every release" camp. You just took 15 minutes of my life, and I don't think you've sent me a check in the mail or a credit on my premium account for that matter. Knock it off.
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