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  1. Using the OSX Evernote app. When I search for words across all notebooks or notes, the notes are filtered to show the notes that contain the search word. When I open the document, the word is not highlighted Anyone able to help?
  2. Thanks for the reply. As far as scanning goes, what is the best workflow to get these in evernote... Scan to evernote or scan to text to evernote. Also, pdf or jpg is better?
  3. hey guys, I am a premium member, and I have a epson workforce 3540 all in one. I have a lot of handwritten notes that I need to put in evernote to be searchable. They are on lined notebooks, and should be searchable,but when I scan in nothing can be found. The document is a pdf and the search returns ZERO results. I have scanned several different ways and have no idea where to turn to next... I have read post, websites, etc and can not get it to work. Any help with this???
  4. If you have actually been over-charged, you'll certainly get your money back. No need for luck, just a support ticket. See my signature. I opened a support ticket over a week ago. Still nothing and it says I'm not a premium member. But look itunes once again was charged with my evernote...... This ***** sucks.
  5. My evernote says I'm not premium.... I paid again, and it says my sub will renew June 5 and that I am currently a premium member. This is about the last time I mess around with evernote. It is not worth the hassle I have had with it. Can someone anyone take a look and figure out why this happens month in and month out
  6. Once again this month I have renewed my membership.... I have the receipt that I did this on march 5th and I don't have premium status anymore. This is getting ridiculous... Can someone please look into this
  7. I replied to the email with the receipt anything else i need to do to expidite the process?? thanks
  8. I made the purchase within Evernote to upgrade to Premium. The Tranaction through itunes has been paid, I have receieved a confirmation email from itubes etc. but still nothing from Evernote. It still says I'm a "free" subsciber
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