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  1. Ends up I started using an applescript I could automate with a keyboard shortcut using alfred. Here's the applescript: try tell application "Evernote" set enLink to missing value synchronize repeat until isSynchronizing is false --THIS EMPTY LOOP WILL PAUSE SCRIPT UNTIL PREVIOUS SYNC IS FINISHED end repeat set savedDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"/"} set foundNotes to selection set copyLink to "" repeat with aNote in foundNotes repeat while enLink is missing value set enLink to note l
  2. Keep in mind that the new functionality will still paste an evernote:/// link within evernote. So if your pasting destination is evernote itself (such as adding a link in one note to another note), you don't need a classic link. But, I also agree, a keyboard shortcut for classic note links would be great for the times (fairly often) when pasting outside of evernote and the evernote:/// link is desired. Or at least place it as a menu bar item so that we can create a shortcut manually in the Mac system preferences. I mostly use it with omnifocus. So, it would be good to have some kind of a
  3. Is there another way to copy a notes "classic link" (evernote:///) rather than going to the note and pressing opt+control-click then mousing down to the "copy classic note link"? I looked in applescript but I think it only covers the regular note links ( Also there is a keyboard shortcut for copying the normal link (on mac cmd+opt+ctrl+C) but not the classic link. Making this easier to do would help me out and I wonder if other people would like this as well.
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