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  1. +1 to this request, after having followed this thread from the beginning. No threats, no begging... just keeping the dream alive.
  2. This was so quick and helpful, and it worked! Thanks!An easier (and better longterm solution) might be to switch from the appstore version to the direct download one. Here are some instructions: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/16062-uninstalling-everrnote-for-mac-os-x/#entry173494 FYI your "easier and better" solution involves several steps, including possibly having to go to the terminal, uninstalling the perfectly good App Store software, and installing a un-supported older version of the software. In my opinion, adding the Evernote app to the PDF menu in the Print dialog is way easier -- and works just as well. AND I can get updates through the App Store without fuss -- which seems to be the "better longterm solution". I did the "add to PDF menu" thing in, like, 10 seconds and bam! Problem solved. I just wish that Evernote added itself to the PDF menu automatically, like Google Cloud Print does.
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