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  1. What workaround are you referring to? With me and my wife it seems to work. I add a note in *her* notebook, and add tags that are available in *that* notebook. I can't use her tags in my notebook, or rather, I just create them new, for my notebooks. I have discovered that it appears to be a bug in the OSX version as I can do what you stated, use tags that the owner of the notebook has previously used, in the web version but the OSX app gives me an error and refuses to let any guest assign tags, regardless if they have been used by the owner already.
  2. I have read this thread in detail, but the "work-around" mentioned by others doesn't seem to work for me... - I own the notebook called "Documents" - I shared this notebook with my wife - I tagged several documents in this notebook - None of these tags are available to my wife to tag additional notes with. - Even if she types the tag name perfectly (it does not auto-complete any of the tags like it does for me) it still gives her the warning that she cannot create tags that don't already exist in the notebook. - She can go to view -> Tags and see all the tags that I have created,
  3. I see this thread in ancient, but couldn't find anything on the topic more recent. I too would very much like to record audio into Evernote using my bluetooth headset on the iPhone 5s. Is this still not possible 5 years later?
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