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  1. DrMorris' assertion is reasonable - a product should possess some of the basic things that make it reasonably useful. Maintaining connectivity and battery life seem like they fall into that category. I'm not sure what the refund policy is for Jots purchased through Evernote, but the Adonit support person I'm working with was clear that I could have a refund. I chose to give it another go and now with a second Jot Script in hand, I can see that the first unit I received was likely damaged in transit - the tip was snapped so the drawing sensitivity was compromised. My experience is now focused
  2. Earlier today I received a response from Jot (Adonit) Support whom I bought my Jot Script from, and the agent was very forthcoming, apologetic, and offered to send me a new one. I'm not sure this is necessarily good news as it's been quite painful just testing this product, but it seemed like a reasonable and good faith gesture. He also indicated it was my choice - refund or replacement. Alpha 2 coming up!
  3. I am also quite dismayed at the quality of Jot Script. I had high expectations being a Penultimate and Evernote user for years, however, within a few minutes of using the pen I noticed the tip was not tightly bound to the pen frame. It's loose and imprecise. How do I return this? I'm not interested in a replacement because of the many other issues that I have also experienced.
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