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  1. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7. I don't use the Windows app because it doesn't seem necessary as the browser experience has been perfect up until now and I usually only use Evernote on PC when I'm checking something I've uploaded from my tablet or phone.
  2. Currently there is a pop-up appearing on Evernote whenever I open it in a browser. It reads: Install EvernoteGet more out of Evernote, even without an internet connection, by installing it on your computer. Download Evernote for WindowsNo Thanks There are no links to click and no "x" to click on to get rid of it. Clicking outside the pop-up does nothing and it has rendered Evernote completely unusable since I can't get passed it!
  3. I hate to beat a dead horse but I still don't understand why this feature isn't available on the mobile applications. Including the word count in the "note info" section would improve things greatly for me since so much of my writing requires me to meet a certain word count. EDIT: Gah, typo in thread title. Supposed to read "it is" not "is it". =\
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