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  1. Hi John, This didn't work either. I've now tried various approaches on PC, OS X, web browser, and iPhone. ...so, thinking this doesn't really work.
  2. Hi John, Well, as I mentioned earlier, I love the *idea* here, but something is clearly not working. This is going to sound really dumb, but I want you to have full information of what *precisely* I did. So here's a step-by-step of what I did. 1 .Using Firefox v 26.0, I navigated to evernote.com and signed in to my evernote page. 2. I clicked "New Note" - this defaults to a notebook called "Bucket" which I have set as my default notebook for Informant. 3. I titled the note "New Informant Test". 4. In the body of the note, I wrote "This is a quick test of Informant." 5. I tagged the note with "1-Now" and "@Work" 6. I waited a bit. 7. I refreshed the browser... why not. 8. I waited some more. 9. [You get the idea] 10. I went to Informant, logged in, checked the Evernote sync status. 11. [More waiting] ... Still no dice. Under 1-Now: Next Actions, it says "Your GTD overview/next-actions list will appear here soon, please wait about a minute then sync your Evernote client to pull in the latest notes from Informant." So... does this not work in a browser? That's a dealbreaker.
  3. Hi John, Saw this thread and hopped in to your system today. So -- I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but things don't really seem to be working right. It would be *great* if you had some simple examples on the site. E.g., from the moment I push "New Note", what steps do I need to take to make sure that the note ends up sorted properly? I'm using the standard tagging format for TSW (which appears to be your preferred method) but things aren't quite working exactly as I imagined. More specifically, they're not working at all. Just wanted to give you some feedback in the spirit of true beta testing.
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