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  1. I was complaining  about this too...... the new version eliminated the ability to see tags just associated with a particular notebook.......AND  I didn't realize I couldn't search multiple tags



    if I was in a particular  notebook I only saw tags that are on notes within that note book 

    if wasn't in a particular notebook I saw all tags within evernote 

  2. what is odd..... there is no explanation was to why this was taken away..... you would think with everyone requesting this feature the CEO, or someone in authority, would explain why this happen?


    but another oddity, the other note taken apps don't have this feature either.... or none I could find.



    also I did reach out to support through chat asking why this was taken away; why no explanation.  They said they have created a ticket and someone will be addressing my concern...…..

  3. In the past, just like the atlas feature, Evernote has a great feature where a new note was auto titled from calendar events from outlook.  GREAT feature.  In prior version on evenote ios... you had the ability to not only select the most current appointment, but you could wheel scroll through other appoints that occurred that day.  Why was this taken off?     I noticed a limited version of auto titling was still working with Android version.    The android version also has the "+" page feature for handwritten notes.  


    Looks like ios  takes it on the chin again.  

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