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  1. so I guess there hasn't been any progress or acknowledgement on this issue? Is it even clear what is being requested/asked?
  2. I have been a paying subscriber for 10years. I MISS Atlas. So I was excited to see Evernote brought back geo location search for notes. It did require an account upgrade but, heck I like Evernote and if I can get my Atlas back..... where do I sign up. GEO Locate is a joke. I can't believe they are advertising this feature (its more of a hack). It basically doesn't work. I am expected to leave Evernote, go to google maps, pin my location and copy the lat and log.......... By the way you can copy the two coordinates together ... so I guess you will need us another application (notes) to copy the coordinates; paste each number one at a time. Put the two together with a comma in between .... then go back to Evernote and in the search bar type geodistance:[latitude],[longitude],[radius] Really Evernote, all these years of waiting, and this is the best you can do? Geographic search This feature requires a Professional or Teams subscription. Find notes based on the location they were created. To do so, you’ll need to know the latitude, longitude, and radius of a place where you’ve created a note. To conduct a geographic search, follow these steps: Find the latitude and longitude of the location you would like to search. To do this using Google Maps, follow these instructions. Select a radius you’d like to search within. Miles (mi), kilometers (km), and nautical miles (nm or nmi) are supported. In the search bar, type in geodistance:[latitude],[longitude],[radius]. For example, typing in geodistance:40.749619,-73.983554,2mi will return notes that were created within 2 miles of the Empire State Building. Make sure that there are no spaces in the entered syntax. Note: This feature only works for notes that were created on a mobile device where users have granted Evernote location-tracking permission.
  3. Odd that is a licensed feature...... seems the evernote app could check my log/lat when creating the note.... and use a evernote map to display notes. Is this why I can't find any other note taking app that has something like the Atlas?
  4. but i would have to know the tags I am searching for....... I know that sounds like a odd statement, but before if I was in a particular notebook and searched tags...only the tags associated with notes in that folder showed.
  5. thank you for the reply, but I have been using Evernote for 10 years.... never had a problem until recently. my behavior of writing posting notes has not change. But I will follow your suggestions.
  6. for the last week or so..... I noticed my ios evernote app, the new notes appeared hung-up.... they would not sync. So I went to setting and click on sync now.......NOW I have lost all those notes that hadn't been sync with cloud......... I have hours of notes ..... all gone. What is going on evernote? I have been using your serviced for 11 yr
  7. I guess there hasn't been an acknowledgment from Evernote ? or updates? this i was a huge loss in functionality.......... second only to losing Atlas
  8. I was complaining about this too...... the new version eliminated the ability to see tags just associated with a particular notebook.......AND I didn't realize I couldn't search multiple tags Tags: if I was in a particular notebook I only saw tags that are on notes within that note book if wasn't in a particular notebook I saw all tags within evernote
  9. what is odd..... there is no explanation was to why this was taken away..... you would think with everyone requesting this feature the CEO, or someone in authority, would explain why this happen? but another oddity, the other note taken apps don't have this feature either.... or none I could find. also I did reach out to support through chat asking why this was taken away; why no explanation. They said they have created a ticket and someone will be addressing my concern...…..
  10. I just don't get it...….. such an important feature..... taken without ANY explanation
  11. Okay, I have accepted the best feature of evernote was taken away. I understand that two years of crying to get back has not worked. (By me or the other countless others who have expressed loss on the forum), But can we get a reason why? There has to be a logical reason.
  12. In the past, just like the atlas feature, Evernote has a great feature where a new note was auto titled from calendar events from outlook. GREAT feature. In prior version on evenote ios... you had the ability to not only select the most current appointment, but you could wheel scroll through other appoints that occurred that day. Why was this taken off? I noticed a limited version of auto titling was still working with Android version. The android version also has the "+" page feature for handwritten notes. Looks like ios takes it on the chin again.
  13. Has evernote ever responded to why they did this? Staggers the imagination as to why
  14. I don't understand why they would introduce this feature with out the ability to have multi-page notes; without leaving the page and going back in the handwriting screen. What is frustrating is that the android app has the "+" ability.
  15. Many moons ago, couple years now? I had some type of link between my Evernote and outlook calendar. That if I created a new note the subject of my calendar event was offered as note title. And there was the ability to scroll through several past calendar events for a Evernote title. Is there a way to link this back? Or am I just imagining this
  16. Well this is frustrating, I spent like 30 minutes trying to find the iOS map search, because I knew it was there; I had to be overlooking it..... wow, just wow. Becoming more and more disappointed with Evernote
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