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  1. Evernote for iOS is losing data. I have lost content within notes. It's happening with alarming frequency. (At least six times in the past 2 months). I keep a regular log of medications I take and it's rather important to me. I lost a full day of the log's data when I looked this morning -- everything I had entered for yesterday and the evening prior was gone -- I lost 36 hours worth of data for no justifiable reason. There certainly has no user error here. It was just gone. I didn't delete it by accident. We need to have Note History available to us at all times. I know the data is backed up somewhere. I shouldn't have to pay for Evernote Premium to have a sense of security over my information (Note -- I do pay for the Plus tier -- and I thought I had Note History available but it seems like that feature was stripped away at some point). However now considering that data is being deleted by Evernote on a regular basis -- this history feature should just be FREE to all because otherwise, we have no way of retrieving data that was lost THROUGH NO FAULT OF OUR OWN. I am getting so frustrated with the lack of reliability in Evernote -- and this bug needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. Until it is fixed, the Note History features should be readily/freely available to all. The current state of affairs in INEXCUSABLE.
  2. Yeah, that's something called "painfully obvious" -- not sure why you need to repeat it -- or write it in the first place. I don't think anyone has suggested that Evernote is not the final decision maker. Why even bother wasting the springs on your keyboard with such a worthless contribution?
  3. Whether it's super-easy or not -- it was requested a 16 months ago... and it should have been a feature from the start (or nearly so). Security online -- especially when it comes to cloud services -- is a major concern. This is not a new problem and it is only is getting worse. Users shouldn't have to request this - its necessity is obvious.
  4. And we should be able to password protect/encrypt individual notes in their entirety -- not just higher level notebooks. (the encrypt text feature is not a worthy substitute). I guess this an obvious extension of the original idea, but nevertheless...
  5. Why is this not implemented yet? It seems so painfully obvious that it would be a useful feature. If Evernote wants to be a powerful ubiquitous platform, this capability should be added immediately. Security is a major issue (if not the primary issue) in the digital world.... Evernote should be well aware of this and help users protect their valuable data instead of offering a weak "encrypt selected text" feature.
  6. What is the situation regarding the ability to zoom in and out of images? There was mention that this feature was coming soon back in May. This seems like such a fundamental necessity.
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