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  1. I was hoping this issue would be resolved by now. I've been a Premium user for awhile. I was experiencing the same thing as the OP on my Macbook Pro running latest version of Mavericks last year. Then I just bought a new Macbook Pro Retina a month ago and installed the Evernote Webclipper and once again the issue has surfaced. Sigh... I hope Evernote fixes this sooner than later...
  2. Adding my two cents into this thread: I was wanting to forward an e-mail to attach to an existing note. The title of the original note was in this format: "word1 word2 word3 - word4 word5 word6" I entered that title followed by a space and then the (+) at the end of the subject line of the forwarded e-mail and sent it off. It did not work. It simply added a new note in my default folder. I removed the hyphen in the title of my original note. Left all the spaces between the words. And tried the above again with the new title, adding the space and the (+) to the end of the subject line an
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