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  1. I am attempting to use Penultimate with a Jot Script stylus to take notes during scientific experiments. My motivation is to replace the "paper notebooks" which I have been using now for 40+ years in my research lab. To facilitate this task requires making detailed drawings in my notebook, these are generally located next to or surrounding handwritten text notations done on the fly to record not only conditions, but observations, thoughts, to do tasks etc. The smallest pen diameter in the current version of Penultimate/Jot Script combination that I just purchased and installed on my iPad is much too large for this process, both for entering detailed text and drawings. If you use the graph paper lines as a nominal measure of pen (i.e. ink line) size the minimum width would be at least as narrow as the lines. I would suggest a value of a quarter to half of those line widths, as a better target. Such a line width will facilitiate drawing finer details in any notations (as I do in my real paper notebooks) as well as recording detailed handwritten text data entry about conditions of an experiment. Importantly if I look at my paper notebooks, annotations are added continuously and post-mortem to experiments. This requires the ability to add details (sometimes squeezed in-between on-the-fly notes) in small areas. Cutting and pasting to move experimental notes is not the appropriate, as you are changing the historical record of the experimental data. Additions can be done, but data should never be changed. Elaborate styles of pens are nice, but a luxury for my needs. Blandness is not an issue, rather the ability to incorporate detail at a finer level that is more important. A 5x smaller line width pen, would be a very good and appreciated update. If I want to draw artistic sketches, with styles , I am happy to use an alternative drawing application. This would be, for me a valuable update. Cheers, Nestor
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