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  1. It appears this problem is still around. I encountered it this morning and reproduced it on both my Windows 7 system and my Ubuntu Linux system. Both are running the latest Chrome browser and Web Clipper 6.0.8. I opened a support ticket to report the problem (support ticket #292469) with the following description: I am having an issue where Evernote web clipper hangs on certain web sites and never completes the clip. In these cases, the elephant icon indicates that it's still clipping in the background. If I go to a different web page (on that works), I am still able to clip pages. I have encountered this problem intermittently over the last few months. This morning when it occurred, I was using my Ubuntu Linux system and wondered if it was Linux-specific. To test that theory, I tried to clip articles from the same web page on my Windows 7 laptop. Both systems were Web Clipper 6.0.8, and I have the latest version of the Chrome browser (Version 31.0.1650.63 m). I also wondered if, perhaps, the web site itself was down. Here is a link to one of the pages on the site that is not currently working: http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/don-t-waste-your-weaknesses-in-2014 It appears someone else reported the same (or a similar) problem back in October: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43399-clipper-hangs-on-saving-a-page/ Someone from Evernote eventually indicated that they could not reproduce it. Perhaps this is a transcient issue. If so, perhaps you could try the above link and reproduce it before the problem goes away again. I hope this new information helps. As someone who's come to rely on Evernote, i's a pretty big hit to work flow when it's not functioning. In the interim, I'm using Pocket, to capture articles I want to save later in Evernote.
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