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  1. it's pretty obvious no one there cares. Customer service is not part of the "new" business model. Those irritating consumers just slow ya down ...
  2. Thank you Vance (you are a patient person) and Megsaint (cute cat) for the comments and for paying attention to my question. I really appreciate the helpful support from you. As for the commenter who can't seem to follow the conversation, but is compelled to contribute uselessly, best of luck to you
  3. I have the same problem and found the thread conversation unbelievably unhelpful. I am looking for a way to export my files from Evernote that is NOT HTML or EVERNOTE'S PROPRIETARY FORMAT i imported them as docs, pdfs, jpgs, etc. I want to get them back OUT OF EVERNOTE in the same form: docs, jpgs, pdfs - the same form in which I entered them I do not want to have to use yet another program like cloud HQ that I have to pay for to get my content out of evernote - my content, not in HTML or evernote's own format. I have quite a few files i want to get out of Evernote so I would rather not "print" to a pdf which is the only thing I could come up with at this point. I read the above conversation where the person answering totally did not get the question and kept going in circles without a solution, the only solution ultimately offered was a third party app like cloudHQ. I don't want yet another program, I think Evernote should offer this option and don't understand why it doesn't. IT's a huge drawback and one that would prevent me from recommending Evernote to anyone... Can anyone help? Thank you.
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