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  1. Yup, ditto.... this has been happening since last update, a few months now... when 1st installed Skitch this was not an issue and thought it was about the most badass tool of it's kind.... a week later I updated to the latest vsn and ever since then, I've been disappointed that the automatically copy-url-to-clipboard function of Skitch that happens during the FTP process changes.... THIS: http://mydomain.com/folder/filename.png to THIS: http:/mydomain.com/folder/filename_png ....since this is effectively a broken link, I can't share it with anyone without 1st correcting the string. This is not going to result in me never using the tool (for now anyway) but it's a constant annoyance. I used to tell everyone about Skitch. I no longer do that due to this little bug. It's borked.... Great great great product... but, please fix it! Thanks!
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