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  1. Dear Gazumped,

    I am aware and have never thought that this forum was a reliable way to get in touch with support. That was Chad's notion, not mine. Nonetheless, it is the only method that has ever successfully resulted in any contact from or interaction with Evernote. Their website is devoid of any way to contact the company unless I am looking to partner with them.

    I also am aware that you are not an employee of Evernote. And while I appreciate your efforts in scanning threads for things you can help with, this is also my only avenue for mentioning issues to other users. So I still fail to see how it is a double post. One is a reply to a previous post, the other is a new post, and I have explained my rationale for doing so. It was neither thoughtless, nor an effort to annoy or garner extra attention.

    As for your insistence that I can report bugs, I have thrice explained: there is no way for me to report a bug to Evernote. Three times you've given me a link to the support page, and three times I have explained that it is an endless loop of prompted questions that ends with no way to actually report anything. It says, "please submit a ticket" but there is no way to submit a ticket, not from that page or anywhere else in the support section. Perhaps it worked in the past, or for paid users, but unless you have successfully done so, from the EN support page, as a free user, please stop insisting that it can be done. It cannot.

    I understand you are a fan of Evernote, and quick to defend their practices. No doubt your status as a paid user and regular contributor to this forum has garnered you support and responsiveness that I will never achieve. I accept that you and I disagree over acceptable forms of communication for a company to rely on. You cite social media as the best way to contact the company. I believe their corporate web site and support page is the appropriate forum for a business relationship.

    I am very sorry to have annoyed you with a separate post and a similar reply. It was not my intention.

    I am sorry to have tried using the forums as a place to communicate with other users.

    I am sorry that my experience with Evernote does not jive with yours.

    I am sorry that I do not enjoy the same relationship with Evernote (company and product) that you do.

    I am sorry that my budget, needs, and use do not match the features and pricing of the paid Evernote options.

    But mostly, I'm sorry that after 7 years of reliable, if low-demand, use of the software and proselytizing to others about the awesomeness and infallibility of Evernote, that in the last three months I've had the rug pulled out from under me with their pricing policies and device limit, discovered that the company has made it impossible to contact them through their web site, and experienced ongoing and unexplained dysfunction that in many ways renders the application useless for my purposes. I'm disappointed and annoyed, and I find it telling, if not suspicious, that I never had problems until after the new restrictions went into effect this summer.

    I'm not looking forward to finding/transferring to another platform, but Evernote has made it clear in so many ways that I am not the right customer for them.

    So it goes...


  2. Yes. I search EN web for a single word. Only one note appears in the results and it is not the note that I am looking for. When I then dig into my notebooks to find the note I was searching for, it has the search word in it.

    And yes, EN web has always listed all notes that contain the search word. I have been using this functionality on EN web exclusively on my desktop since the two devices restriction. And with other search terms, I currently get multiple results, though I have no way of knowing if they are exhaustive.


    I don't understand your cross post comment. I posted here because it's a thread that EN was previously following and this is a similar issue and/or a continuation. Then I started the new thread because the topic was worthy of its own post, is technically a new issue since it deals specifically with search, and I wanted to know if anyone else is having the same issue. Which no one would find under my previous "sync" title.

    Since I have no other way to contact Evernote, and I can't submit a ticket, I'm taking whatever paths I can to convey that I'm having this difficulty.

    Is there some forum etiquette policy to which I have not yet been exposed?


  3. Well, now Evernote Web search simply doesn't work anymore.

    I type in a search term and it yields one hit when I know I have numerous with that term. These issues are incredibly frustrating.


    After sending he log files, Richard's only suggestion to my original query was to upgrade to the latest version on my devices, which does not address the EN Web latency issue. Now that latency has become outright malfunction.

    There's still no way to submit a ticket unless you are a paid user, and no way to contact support to let them know of the issue.


    I'm sorry, but the purpose of a free app is supposed to be to entice me to want to use the paid version. With issues like these, and a lack of interest from EN in knowing that they've got dysfunction, I'm just not feeling the love at all.


    Really, really disappointed.

  4. Thanks for the reply.

    I've been through much of that and sadly the ones that remain involve needing to verify the notes exist in Evernote Web, which they don't.

    The final text on that page says: If none of these suggestions help, please contact us. It's helpful to include the following in your ticket submission:
    But the "contact us" link directs me to the support page that ends with no way to contact or submit a ticket.

    This is the Evernote Web contact page: https://evernote.com/contact/
    But if you'll notice, there's actually no way to email them about user issues or questions on that page. They only appear to want an email if I have a partnership query or business sales. The support link they give at the top directs me to the page which, as I said, offers me three dropdown questions and then tells me to submit a ticket, with no way to do so.

    I tried looking for a contact method on their LinkedIn page but could not find one.

    So I hope you can better see my frustration now.

  5. Evernote Web does not seem to be showing note changes for me after a sync from an authorized device. This suggests that a sync from the device didn't happen, but the App has no indicator of an unsuccessful sync. I press sync on the app, it spins, it stops. Sync complete as far as the UI is concerned.

    The details:

    Free User
    Current 2 devices running app: iPhone 5s, Windows 10 Laptop

    I access Evernote Web from a third device, an iMac desktop using Chrome. Even after 24 hours from syncing from my phone, the changes do not show up in EverNote Web. I've run through and verified everything I can think of:

    • No Conflicting Changes notebooks have appeared in Web or on any deivces.
    • Not a cache issue.
    • Not a web connectivity Issue.
    • No way to contact support using Evernote Web. The contact us link is an endless loop to "Contact Us", with no destination email addresses.
    • The Evernote Web support page walks me through three dropdown questions prior to telling me to submit a ticket but offers no link or method of doing it and I haven't found one from the Evernote Web search interface.
    • I have had this problem with notes edited on both my phone and laptop, and it has occurred when connected to wireless and even with the laptop hardwired to my LAN.

    Obviously very frustrating to look at the same note on my phone, or on my laptop, and not see the changes on the server, with no conflicting notebook and no indication that a sync didn't happen.

    Even more frustrating that there's no way to notify Evernote of the issue. So I'm posting it here.

    Yes, I know I'm a free user. I have adapted to the new rules as required. Sadly, the list of features are generally irrelevant to my simple purposes and the pricing/subscription model is far out of whack with my very basic use of storing text notes. Frankly, I'm also wary of companies that try so hard to keep users from contacting them.

    I'd appreciate any help with:

    • Deducing a fix for the Evernote Web Sync Issue
    • Finding a way to contact Evernote from the Evernote Web interface
    • Finding how to submit a ticket from the Evernote Web interface

    Many thanks!

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