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  1. Dear Gazumped, I am aware and have never thought that this forum was a reliable way to get in touch with support. That was Chad's notion, not mine. Nonetheless, it is the only method that has ever successfully resulted in any contact from or interaction with Evernote. Their website is devoid of any way to contact the company unless I am looking to partner with them. I also am aware that you are not an employee of Evernote. And while I appreciate your efforts in scanning threads for things you can help with, this is also my only avenue for mentioning issues to other users. So I still
  2. Yes. I search EN web for a single word. Only one note appears in the results and it is not the note that I am looking for. When I then dig into my notebooks to find the note I was searching for, it has the search word in it. And yes, EN web has always listed all notes that contain the search word. I have been using this functionality on EN web exclusively on my desktop since the two devices restriction. And with other search terms, I currently get multiple results, though I have no way of knowing if they are exhaustive. I don't understand your cross post comment. I posted here
  3. It seems this might be related to shared notebooks. Several of the search terms I've tried relate to shared notes.
  4. Suddenly, search no longer works on my free account. Evernote web from my desktop yields only one result for a term that I have confirmed is in several other notes. This failure is replicated from the free app on my iPhone. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. Well, now Evernote Web search simply doesn't work anymore. I type in a search term and it yields one hit when I know I have numerous with that term. These issues are incredibly frustrating. After sending he log files, Richard's only suggestion to my original query was to upgrade to the latest version on my devices, which does not address the EN Web latency issue. Now that latency has become outright malfunction. There's still no way to submit a ticket unless you are a paid user, and no way to contact support to let them know of the issue. I'm sorry, but the pu
  6. Similar issue. Reported here. Using Chrome and EN Web on my iMac. Have had sync issues from both iPhone and Windows laptop. I'm becoming more convinced that the sync icon on mobile version doesn't actually indicate anything. Spinning or not, I get note updates long after a sync has been performed, or not at all. I just don't trust this app or platform anymore.
  7. Negative. Using Chrome. I'm a free user so I'm not holding my breath for any support. They obviously don't want to give it. Preparing to move over to One Note soon, not that I'm thrilled about it.
  8. And suddenly, for no reason and due to no action, Evernote Web now shows the notes in their latest format. Perplexing and frustrating indeed.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I've been through much of that and sadly the ones that remain involve needing to verify the notes exist in Evernote Web, which they don't. The final text on that page says: If none of these suggestions help, please contact us. It's helpful to include the following in your ticket submission: But the "contact us" link directs me to the support page that ends with no way to contact or submit a ticket. This is the Evernote Web contact page: https://evernote.com/contact/ But if you'll notice, there's actually no way to email them about user issues or questio
  10. Evernote Web does not seem to be showing note changes for me after a sync from an authorized device. This suggests that a sync from the device didn't happen, but the App has no indicator of an unsuccessful sync. I press sync on the app, it spins, it stops. Sync complete as far as the UI is concerned. The details: Free User Current 2 devices running app: iPhone 5s, Windows 10 Laptop I access Evernote Web from a third device, an iMac desktop using Chrome. Even after 24 hours from syncing from my phone, the changes do not show up in EverNote Web. I've run through and verified eve
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