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  1. Platform: Samsung Note3 + stylus, PC


    I searched the Forum for "annotate" but didn't find the workflow and use case I needed.


    I have lists of photo gear for shoots in several categories -- shoots differ in the gear chosen. I could imagine a benefit having those lists in Evernote for me to check off items during planning and have that with me during the work and re-packing at the end. I used to have something like this in PalmPilot days from a couple of SW vendors. Remember the Milk is one possibility, SimpleNote. OneNote can do this. I'd like to do the planningf on the Note 3 rather than the PC.


    One factor is how to import the lists, which are now in Excel. Perhaps pdf's, but being able to sort -- or exclude empty (unchecked) lines from view would be pretty cool. PDFs are like dumb paper.



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