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  1. First - my apologies to anyone I may have offended with my replies. I have no idea which words I wrote that could possibly elicited this response ---> "I detest rudeness, and yours if off the charts" but obviously I seem to be clueless on the etiquette of this particular forum. Again, my apologies. So - I'll just return to my very simple question, and I'll try not to explain too much because that seems to be my downfall. If anyone out there has an old, unused license of Evernote 2.2 that they would be willing to transfer to me and be willing to do so knowing that they may feel it's a bad choice for me to make. I will consider a fair price and I will be appreciative of your kind consideration. Thank you.
  2. Yes - but you must login to Evernote online using the Internet at least ONCE in order to access your local notebook. If the device you are using will NEVER have access to the Internet (or somehow loses the login through power failure or a few other possibilities), you have no access to your local data.
  3. Not true. You can have data stored only on your desktop by putting it into a local/non-sync'd notebook. And I think the only time you need internet access is when you log in (IE intial setup) and if you log out & then try to get back in. If you don't log out, I don't think you need internet access. MS may extend support for Win 7 until 2020. But that means you're going to be throttling yourself to an old OS. Since I don't work for EN or MS, I'm speaking strictly as a user. Certainly your choice. But I think it's unwise to hitch yourself to a falling star. JMO. Really??? We're starting this discussion? I do appreciate your trying to be helpful, but please allow me the courtesy of knowing what & why I need this. I'm really not wanting to get into the arguments about how long an OS is viable. I am an old codger @ 50. I was programming punch cards in the 1970's. You may love Evernote today but if I have (old) Evernote that does 100% of what I need and Win7 that accomplishes 100% of my needs, please don't put YOUR value judgements on my needs. As to data access - You need Internet to get access to your data in Evernote. EVEN IF IT's ONLY ONCE. Imagine No Internet Ever. Hard to imagine, but imagine it. That's the scenario I'm working with. I need access to the data without ever having to log into Evernote ever. Question remains: Can anyone help with an old license of Evernote? Thank you.
  4. I can't speak to what EN thinks of this. Personally, I guess it's ok as long as the person transferring/selling a license is no longer using it. I'm also sure you understand your own needs. But I would also advise you that this is only practical if you never, ever upgrade your computer. Since the version you're talking about is at least 5 1/2 years old, there's a very good chance it will not work under the current versions of Windows being sold. So if you either upgrade to a new computer or your old computer dies midstream & you are forced to get a new one, your data could very well be lost. So I would encourage you to move forward, unless you are willing to face the risk that anything as simple as an electrical surge that kills your current computer or theft of your current computer will cause you to lose all your notes. Because even if you have a backup of your data files, unless the EN program works under the newer versions of Windows, that will do you no good. Hi - thank you for your reply. I'm doubtful EN would care although I'd gladly buy the license from them if they would sell it to me. Also, I doubt this is a massive problem/issue. If there were thousands of people not using their service because they were grabbing up old licenses, that would be a financial issue ... but it's a safe bet this is not a problem that will occupy their time in a company meeting. As to OS issues - that's a good consideration. It works with Win7 and Microsoft will end extended support for Win7 in 2020. So that gives about 7 years to figure an alternative. While Evernote (new) is great for some of my data, for other data, it MUST reside only on a PC (not in the cloud) and I need access to it without Internet capability. Unfortunately, as I understand, this is impossible for Evernote. (There are other issues ... but that's the big drop-dead issue).
  5. Hello, I am wondering - is there anyone who can transfer to me their license for the last version of Evernote to work standalone on a PC? If I am not mistaken, it is 2.2 (Actually to be exact). This is from 2007 I believe. Now, I understand that many of you will be completely offended and disgusted that someone could possibly be so out of date and so dumb enough to thing that's what they need, but without going into a long explanation, I hope you will offer me the courtesy of assuming I understand my own needs/requirements and this is what I do need. I do have "free". I purchased the license but that was under a company name that we closed a while back and unfortunately, I don't have any of the licensing info available to me anymore. While I have access to all the data - there are a couple features that are not included in the free version and I need to re-activate those. Thank you in advance for any help on this request! Bill P.S. I did searches all over the place and I currently have a "watch" on EBay just in case someone thinks to sell their old copy of the software. P.S. #2 - I hope it's not inappropriate to include my address - but you can contact me privately at w66712 then "@" then sendinfo dot com
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