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  1. Compared with Noteshelf, Notability, Bamboo, and even Moleskine, handwritten notes are sadly drab in Penultimate because of the uniform line shape and ink. Those other programs support varying the density of the ink and the width and angles of the cursive lines in response to how fast the stylus is moving, and how much of it is being pressed onto the screen. Paper from 53 does this best of all, but it is not a note taking app. It is unfortunate that it is impossible to produce beautiful penmanship in Penultimate because of its unrealistic pen. Could you please add the following variations to the pen: - speed and/or pressure of stylus determines: -- thickness of line -- density of ink (Bamboo does this well) - choose from various nib shapes to simulate different kinds of pens, eg fountain pen Thank you, /rb
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