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  1. EN has a serious development problem of having different features for different platforms. Not simple, too much hassle to learn esp. when new versions are released... it's what did they do now here... and what did they do differently there. You [EN] already know how to do it, so do it for all the same. Images should have a thumbnail option (right now I don't care if it is manually resizeable or not) that opens to the full size (with optional fit-to-window-width and fit-to-window-height). I only use photos as notes they are faster, easier, more efficient than writing a "thousand words". NOT for anything of high-resolution,high-def, professional quality...that would be a different solution. I am NOT using a workaround and NOT waiting. Different features for different platforms is a major release flaw by mgmt. I am looking for a better solution...are there any addons/plugins for this? Why not?
  2. Another example of the use(need) of hierarchical tags (enter a sub(child) tag and it automatically knows the higher level(parent) tag. Stacks and Notebooks allow only a hierarchy(physical vs. logical) of a single attribute. If possible for tags, could filter (or sort?) by multiple, ex. name, datatype, datetime, contact-group, geographical location, work/business classifications, security/privacy, and any personal custom tag and tag-group. The indentions on the Tags list screen (Windows desktop) are for display purposes only, "visual navigation groups", but do not extend to any functional use within EN... as far as I know.
  3. Windows Desktop client Agreed, a "Show Labels" or "Show Icons Only" option for the Note detail pane would be excellent. The "Show Labels" and "Customize Toolbar" seems to only apply to the main toolbar. A "Show All Tags" option should exist. If too many exist, wrap on multiple rows.
  4. I know drag-n-drop exist, but in general I find it both tedious and dangerous/easy-to-"select" the wrong target. An fast and easy to navigate input method is needed. I would like a pop-up panel listing all tags and filters. Similar to a tag cloud but all the same font and font size. The UI display should offer a choice between showing only those that meet all criteria (full drill-down) AND (partial drill-down) all in list using Color, bold, and/or italic could be used to highlight different classifications. Tags currently assigned to the selected Note should be highlighted. Tags would be added/removed to the selected Notes with a single click. Multiple Notes could be selected and "managed" as once. Filter by currently-assigned vs all (vs unused?) {black vs grey}Filter by "file structure"/hierarchy = only in current Stack or Notebook {bold vs normal}Filter by tag hierarchy = nest tags (to visually group and filter) UI could show as outline or breadcrumbs with drop-down (preferred)Filter by privacy/permission = personal/user-created vs business group or public group {by color?}Filter by frequency = recently used, frequently used, favorite/common, new? {bold vs normal} A user settings should exist to prevent accidental tags by selecting only existing tags. Add new tags quickly, (PREFERRED) providing a text box at the bottom (preferred) or top of list.Add new tags quickly, a pop-up prompt for verification.Rename of tags, (AFAIK currently done) require more than a single click, ex. right-click, Edit menu, long-press on mobile or similar.A method to prevent accidentally removing tags: (as note-level property) A list "Locked" tags, requiring more than a single click, ex. right-click, Edit menu, long-press on mobile or similar. It could be shown as highlighted individual tags in selection dialogs and the main Note window and in the Note Info/details be accessed via the Tags list.I would also like to require a tag(s) from a user-defined list (think discrete/single tag = priority, delegate/owner, or multi-tag = project, financial accounting). This would be a little more involved than a change in dialogs above. This should exist (with the same functionality, possibly different layouts) for both desktop and mobile.
  5. missing this is a huge time (and keyboard/mouse click) waste. All should be visible esp. on a desktop (just wrap to another line), in Android show all on the "tag" screen and have a drop-down box(most efficient) or at minimum a button (a +_plus sign?) in the title bar to add more tags.
  6. Still waiting? Is this fixed in Windows desktop? If so, where turn-on / how does this work ? This might likely solve my tag-hierarchy request (on the display-side, still NEED it on the ANDROID data entry-dialog). Found how to use Stacks. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40177-tags-into-hierarchy-ie-subject-tree-or-folksonomy-and-shared-tag-hierarchy/?p=251557
  7. I would like both (and believe it is possible). Nested tags (call it a tree or whatever, I use hierarchy) with auto-aggregation. I use the term Smart Tag or Tag Groups (could be dynamic tag or virtual tag or filter tag) such that is primarily a visual UI concept of nested where clicking the tag shows all notes of the tags below it. Nothing is added to the note, it only in the user-defined tag groups. It would allow a cleaner UI (save screen space by no duplication of tag terms). Dependant only on a list of nested tags and would include those in any tally counts. This would be especially useful for temporary or test a new naming system (esp. if manual ordering is allowed) and prevent orphan/unused tags. Depending on the implementation, it could work offline on the client and as a access control security. I envision Saved Search to allow more than just tags, has not implicit structure, and likely requires reading the search help file. Tag Groups/Smart Tags are very different from auto-tags. Auto-tagging by itself has no structure and can be hard to work with groups without a good filtering UI(even just remembering the tag name), but combined with Smart Tags could be very empowering. see more at Feature Suggestion: Hierarchical Tags (Ordered Lists) and Auto-Correction for Tags and morehttp://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40177-tags-into-hierarchy-ie-subject-tree-or-folksonomy-and-shared-tag-hierarchy/#entry251557
  8. Feature Suggestion: Hierarchical Tags (Ordered Lists) and Auto-Correction for Tags and more Already posted in different forum section, under Learn & Share> Evernote for Developers> > Ideashttp://discussion.evernote.com/forum/140-ideas/ > Tags into Hierarchy (i.e., Subject Tree or Folksonomy) and Shared Tag Hierarchyhttp://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40177-tags-into-hierarchy-ie-subject-tree-or-folksonomy-and-shared-tag-hierarchy/#entry251557 I'm not sure if this would satisfy, but is definitely related (William may want physical separate and/or isolation...item can only exist in a single organizational unit at a time, choose your term: notebook, chapter, sub-notebook, etc.). P.S. We at least need nested tags in Android, esp. on mobile where ever touch counts. Is there a dev roadmap of feature posted online?
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