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  1. Windows Desktop client Agreed, a "Show Labels" or "Show Icons Only" option for the Note detail pane would be excellent. The "Show Labels" and "Customize Toolbar" seems to only apply to the main toolbar. A "Show All Tags" option should exist. If too many exist, wrap on multiple rows.
  2. I know drag-n-drop exist, but in general I find it both tedious and dangerous/easy-to-"select" the wrong target. An fast and easy to navigate input method is needed. I would like a pop-up panel listing all tags and filters. Similar to a tag cloud but all the same font and font size. The UI display should offer a choice between showing only those that meet all criteria (full drill-down) AND (partial drill-down) all in list using Color, bold, and/or italic could be used to highlight different classifications. Tags currently assigned to the selected Note should be highlighted. Tags would be added/removed to the selected Notes with a single click. Multiple Notes could be selected and "managed" as once. Filter by currently-assigned vs all (vs unused?) {black vs grey}Filter by "file structure"/hierarchy = only in current Stack or Notebook {bold vs normal}Filter by tag hierarchy = nest tags (to visually group and filter) UI could show as outline or breadcrumbs with drop-down (preferred)Filter by privacy/permission = personal/user-created vs business group or public group {by color?}Filter by frequency = recently used, frequently used, favorite/common, new? {bold vs normal} A user settings should exist to prevent accidental tags by selecting only existing tags. Add new tags quickly, (PREFERRED) providing a text box at the bottom (preferred) or top of list.Add new tags quickly, a pop-up prompt for verification.Rename of tags, (AFAIK currently done) require more than a single click, ex. right-click, Edit menu, long-press on mobile or similar.A method to prevent accidentally removing tags: (as note-level property) A list "Locked" tags, requiring more than a single click, ex. right-click, Edit menu, long-press on mobile or similar. It could be shown as highlighted individual tags in selection dialogs and the main Note window and in the Note Info/details be accessed via the Tags list.I would also like to require a tag(s) from a user-defined list (think discrete/single tag = priority, delegate/owner, or multi-tag = project, financial accounting). This would be a little more involved than a change in dialogs above. This should exist (with the same functionality, possibly different layouts) for both desktop and mobile.
  3. missing this is a huge time (and keyboard/mouse click) waste. All should be visible esp. on a desktop (just wrap to another line), in Android show all on the "tag" screen and have a drop-down box(most efficient) or at minimum a button (a +_plus sign?) in the title bar to add more tags.
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