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  1. Dude, they are currently working on an algorithm that deletes all the nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence that people have saved. That's more important than solving the thumbnail issue ;-)
  2. Here can read what Evernote is up to: http://www.fastcompany.com/3034378/most-innovative-companies/evernotes-secret-to-getting-free-users-to-pony-up Talking about getting your priorities wrong...
  3. In that case they are stupid since it is such an important and obvious feature and it beggars believe that it wasn't implemented from day one. BTW, since when is listening to your customers a bad idea? Companies like Salesforce grow like gangbusters because they do exactly that. Others fall by the wayside... Finally, I have never encountered a user forum where so called "Evangelists" defend each and every stupidity of a company. Really strange sect-like behavior here that even Apple can't match.
  4. I guess that the guy who wrote the selection algorithm is so pissed off that people hate it that he blocks any change. Or he has left and the others have no clue how to fix it. Or they are lazy. Or they are stupid. Or they don't care. Or they are busy playing online games or having ***** in the office. Or they are watching Breaking Bad all day long. Or (well, make up your own reason). Anyway, hell will freeze over before we will get that feature...
  5. Actually, it would be really interesting to read an in-depth explanation of why this is so complex. I understand that you have billions of notes on your servers, but you won't have to adjust all those notes, if you allow the user to override your algo-determined thumbnail. I would be all ears to understand that problem better...
  6. As an "Evangelapologist" you are an Evangelist and an Apologist. I don't like either. Nuff said...
  7. I have to laugh about the fanboys here... Having a user defined option for the thumbnail is just another field that has to be added to the database. If it's populated, tell the software to use that field, if it's empty, use the standard field that is populated by the algorithm. Any IT developer worth his salt can add that feature in half a day. This is not some Google-type complex machine-learning stuff, this is just totally basic and it is ridiculous that it hasn't been an option from day one or implemented in the meantime. This thread was started in July 2011 and we now have almost 2014.
  8. Whether it's a piece of cake to implement is not something you can speak to unless you are intimate with Evernote under the hood & how it behaves on the various other platforms. Additionally, there are a lot of feature requests by the 60+ million users. The fact that *your* feature request has not been implemented is no indication that EN is not listening to their customers. Sometimes a feature is simply something EN has decided to not implement at all. Or perhaps it's a lower priority than a lot of other things. "Evangelapologist" seems to describe you very well, indeed! Custo
  9. I can't believe that the obvious feature to select your own thumbnail picture is still not implemented. It just shows that Evernote is not listening to its customers. It should be a piece of cake to add that feature...
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