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  1. Thanks v much - you may have solved this issue! Oddly Evernote was listed in Keychain Access three times but I made the access control change for all three and I have now opened EV twice with no password demand!
  2. I'm STILL experiencing this problem and am no closer to a solution. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thanks
  3. Hello: I am a long time user of Evernote on both Mac and iOS. However, for the last few weeks, I have encountered an increasingly annoying login issue with the Mac version. Every time I start up the Mac app, I am required to re-enter my password, regardless of whether the 'stay signed in' button is ticked or not. This did not occur with earlier versions. In addition, a dialogue box now pops up at random intervals announcing that my access has been "revoked" and requiring me to re-enter my password again. These issues only occur on the Mac version for what it's worth - the iOS apps continue work as before. Can anyone shed any light?
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