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  1. Thanks to both. Yes, it is better than nothing and because of that Evernote should provide easy direct visible access to it at http://evernote.com on all browsers. That and cifip's postings here for these 8.0.x releases should point to the browser alternative for those experiencing difficulty. [humanengr posting as alter-ego]
  2. When moving a note from Account A to a notebook shared from Account B, a dialog appears: Only tags that are already in this notebook will be added to this note. That dialog only has an "OK" button. It should also have a "Cancel" button so the user can, if desired, add all necessary tags to Account B. As it stands, the user has to force-quit to avoid losing tags. [EN on Mac]
  3. The extra tab just started happening for me in Mac Safari. Tried uninstalling, etc., per above. No good. Evernote -- fix this.
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