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  1. Hi everybody,
    does anybody know how to sort or manually reorder sub-tags within shortcuts in the sidebar?

    Desired result:

    • Sidebar
      • Shortcuts
        • Parent Tag
          • A subtag
          • B subtag
          • C subtag
          • ...

    For some reason, when I drag a parent tag into shortcuts, subtags appear in an order I can't deduce. It is not

    • alphabetically
    • most recent use
    • nor use count.

    Curiously he Tags section behaves just like I would expect and desire:


  2. 4 hours ago, rezecib said:

    The main obstacle to getting things like this in is supporting local search, which is implemented independently by each of the clients, so making changes there has a lot of friction. Server-side search we can change pretty easily, but when it comes to changing the grammar itself in substantial ways, it becomes rather dangerous because it will be inconsistent with the local search.

    Thanks for the thoughtful and informative response. I am sure there is a lot of legacy to consider. Maybe there is a web-first interface coming in the future, that would allows more dramatic changes to the underlying functionality. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again // p

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  3. 16 hours ago, jefito said:

    Whether a reminder is set for any time later than 10 years ago is meaningful is up to the user; maybe they use older reminder dates for some special purpose...

    reminderTime:year-10 was the only way I could find that would include not only notes that are due today, but also notes that were due previously, but have not been marked as done. The 10 is rather arbitrary (just a date far in the past).

  4. +1 for Boolean search, but losing hope a bit. Looking at the five years of this request, it doesn't look like the desktop clients or core search/filtering functionality are still being developed much anymore. Probably a mobile-first strategy.

    Just for reference, I would like to search for the following, in order to view all notes that I have tagged as ongoing, or that are due today or previously, but have not been marked done.

    tag:ongoing OR (reminderOrder:* AND reminderTime:year-10 AND -reminderTime:day+1 AND -reminderDoneTime:*)


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