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  1. I'll chime in here. The historically best outliner UI of them all has not yet been mentioned here. Sadly, the owner of NetManage pulled Ecco Pro from the market in the face of the Outlook onslaught... and it's been an unsupported app ever since. Even so, it is SO much more usable that many thousands still depend on it, having found nothing else even close... even though this is now ancient software. I highly recommend installing and using a copy of Ecco Pro for a while before any developer or product manager lays out a strategy for developing a new outliner. A few of the great / simple / clear capabilities: - Selection of single or multiple items Just Works, both keyboard and mouse/touch - moving items or whole subtrees is a single keystroke (alt-Left/Right/Up/Down) or simple drag - Visible text acts like regular text when it comes to insert/delete within a line, and auto-switches to whole-line insert/delete for multiline - Search shows outline lines, with context to the root showing in a faded color - Split/Join is a single keystroke - Simple keystrokes to collaps/expand (all, next level, show to level N -- ctrl 1 shows level 1, ctrl 5 shows levels 1-5 etc) etc etc etc
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