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  1. Hello Keradon After reading your post, I again fiddled with my S4 to try an uninstall the greyed out app. In the Apps folder, I found and selected the EDIT function. In EDIT mode, I pressed on the greyed out Evernote icon and 4 options appeared -- Create folder, Create page, App info & Uninstall bin. I moved the greyed out icon to the bin. Powerdown my S4 just to be cautious - am a newbie afterall & not IT savvy . Startup my S4, go through the installation process via Playstore... Voila! My Evernote comes alive! I am so thankful all is back to normal now as had posted to this discussion group in desperation after failing to find answers via google. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, Keradon for your advice. Will try and uninstall. Not sure about whether S4 is rooted. Have to admit that I am a novice, both as a discussion participant and as an Evernote user. Hence, I would prefer to stay away from a factory reset if I can help it (^.^)
  3. Hi, I noticed that my Evernote icon on my Samsung Galaxy S4 was suddenly greyed out. When I click on it, it said that "the application is not installed". I checked my Evernote a/c on the web and it was OK. When I tried installing the app via Playstore, I received the following message: Unknown error code during application installation: "-24". Please advise what I can do to install the app again onto my Samsung Galaxy S4 as I would like to continue to access my notes from my cell phone. Thank you so much.
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