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  1. notDeb

    windows Search multiple tags?

    Um, this is not working for me at all Win Simple search for one of 2 tags returns expected results (notes tagged with either tag): notebook:"Action Pending" any: tag:1-Now tag:2-Later Simple search for another single tag returns expected results (all notes with this tag): notebook:"Action Pending" tag:@Phone However, I need to limit the scope of the first search to those also in the second search (all notes tagged @Phone AND either 1-Now or 2-Next) , which does not seem to work - (no records returned): notebook:"Action Pending" tag:@Phone any: tag:1-Now tag:2-Later Please advise if this is expected behavior, and if so, is there already an enhancement request? Thanks as always for an awesome product! Deb
  2. notDeb

    chrome [Proposal] it should have an 'already-clipped' indicator

    Thought: To reduce excessive searching, could wait until a specific user event (hover over or click on Clipper icon?) to check if a note already exists, then do the icon color change/allow access to review/edit existing note(s)