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  1. Mobile devices do not work in my school building - I have no signal and I cannot put my own phone on my school's wifi. This is not a "bells and whistles" feature and I've already read just about every response to this issue that's you've posted over the past several years - none were very helpful and they always avoid the issue - that Evernote needs to fix this issue so that their customers can creatively utilize the Evernote software in a way that fits their workflow. If I cannot get Evernote to do or work the way I need to I'll simply need to find another solution - one that does not include Evernote. I've already got several ideas - none include Evernote and I'll probably be ending my premium subscription as a result.
  2. I also second this idea - I cannot believe that this has not been fixed - especially since users have been complaining about it for several YEARS now - and Dev should understand that for every one user who takes the time to actually visit the forum and complain about an issue like this there are hundreds more who just never bother to complain or research a fix - they simply move onto another app for a solution.
  3. Is there any way that EN can fix this issue without scripting and band aids through other apps? This seems like a fundamental feature that should be available already!
  4. I've been researching this Mac OS poor recording quality recently as well and from what I'm reading the fact that EN for Mac does not have the option to adjust the recording quality seems to be a big oversight. They've already added this feature to the mobile apps - so it's obvious that they're concerned and thinking about audio quality. The fact that this has not been added to the desktop version seems a bit ridiculous. I teach and would love to be able to quickly record decent quality audio and organize it as I record it - using a separate app will just make more work for me. Unfortunately it seems I may need to switch to AudioNote as someone else suggested above. Sad that EN cannot make this work on the Mac - ridiculous even - and that they'd prefer me to use another app instead of EN? Ridiculous.
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