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  1. Thanks for your reply Jefito. Unfortunately it's not helpful. I know that it should have worked in the manner you described, but it did not. All clients were perfectly synced before the process started. Also, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to re-work the changes again on my OSX client as very simply said: the synchronization is not working - what's on the server is not reflected on the OSX client and vice versa, no matter how many times I sync (there are no syncing errors reported at this point). Furthermore it seems rather strange to me that there is no way to force mirror sync from client to server. There must be some hack. See attached screenshots of tags syncing discrepancies of OSX vs WEB. Thanks again to anyone who can find a way to solve this.
  2. Hello dear evernoters, Need some help from the community. During a 5 hour (offline) train ride, i've completely re-organized my notes, tags and notebooks on an OSX computer. Once back online, i've been running into sync issues which have since smoothened out, but issues persist. I visualize the problem by comparing notes and tag structures on the web server vs the computer. On the computer everything is as I would like it to be but on the web app: a) some notes do not have the tags they should notebooks and tags are duplicated with an addition of _expunged (notebooks with _expunged addition still have notes inside them, tags with _expunged have none) Basically I want to force sync and mirror the current structure on my computer to the evernote server, but can't find an option to do that. I've got over 8000 notes overall and a significant share of them affected, so (re-)sorting them out online is not an option due to poor mass update features of the web client and ultimately the time cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, P
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