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  1. My work team is moving to use Monday for its collaborative project management abilities. I am wondering if there can be a formal integration with Monday such that Evernote notes can easily be posted to various projects in Monday Evernote checkboxes can get added to projects as tasks Myriad other thoughts on integration flows I've seen that there is a long list of other note taking and task management apps that have integrations with Monday, so I was surprised that Evernote is not on that list. Thanks!
  2. I completely agree with the need for an automated process for renaming attachments to the note title. Also, there seems to be a bug - see my support ticket request below. Has anyone else experience this on the MacOS platform? "I often scan documents and attach them to notes. I always rename the attachment as the date/time default is not helpful. However, every time I rename the document when I first create the note (I scan and save through a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300i), the new name doesn't save. When I return to that note after viewing another note, the document's name has reverted to the date/time default. I am usually able to rename it at that point, but even then sometimes it reverts for a second time. The attached screenshot shows a note where I had tried to rename the document twice (to the note title), but once again it reverted to the default. I noticed that this occasionally happened in previous Evernote versions as well, but it usually works fine. Is this a bug? Can you please fix it? This is a feature I heavily rely on!"
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