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  1. I completely agree with the need for an automated process for renaming attachments to the note title. Also, there seems to be a bug - see my support ticket request below. Has anyone else experience this on the MacOS platform? "I often scan documents and attach them to notes. I always rename the attachment as the date/time default is not helpful. However, every time I rename the document when I first create the note (I scan and save through a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300i), the new name doesn't save. When I return to that note after viewing another note, the document's name has reverted to the date/time default. I am usually able to rename it at that point, but even then sometimes it reverts for a second time. The attached screenshot shows a note where I had tried to rename the document twice (to the note title), but once again it reverted to the default. I noticed that this occasionally happened in previous Evernote versions as well, but it usually works fine. Is this a bug? Can you please fix it? This is a feature I heavily rely on!"
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