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  1. Yes, I sort by the 15 tag for all items I have already determined I need to review or work on that day, just like an electronic trace file. So for example, I have created Saved Searches for when I need to meet with my boss, Ashley. They are for the tag Ashley and the tag of the date that we are to have our next 1:1. When we meet, I take my iPad with me and click on the the Saved Search Ashley 15 and in front of me is all the things I need to talk to him about (yes, Ashley is a he). I make notes directly in the Note of whatever particular Notebook that project or event is that I'm working o
  2. I have created tags for every day of the month (1-31) and notes get tagged on when I have planned to work on an item or need to review again. This system has helped not let anything fall thru the cracks!
  3. Yes it has taken me some self discipline. I work with two screens so one usually has Outlook open w my calendar & email and the other has Evernote up. Please continue to share your research. Thanks!
  4. To clarify, I create a tag for every day of the month: 1-31
  5. I use Evernote literally for everything. I have no paper files anymore. The way I keep track of what I need to do when is via tags. I create a visual Trace File, i.e., a tag for every day of the week. My notebooks are organized by the project or event that I am working on. Notes within those notebooks are tagged with days of the week that I need to work on or remember to do tasks on that project or event. If I need to work on a note that has multiple task every day this week then it will be tagged 23-27. Then across all my notebooks I just have to click on the tag 23 and see all the tasks I n
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