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  1. I have this build: (306921) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) And just developed this issue recently. Thanks
  2. WONDERFUL! I can't believe that worked, I had been getting the "local missing notebook", and that was messing my synchronisation. I had to apply that trick (could not delete the note) also in the trash to finally get rid of the offending note. Thanks a lot csihilling.
  3. Ok...maybe I just found a solution to my problem: which is to click on the side of the image and then drag the cursor towards the image (can be done on both sides of the image). Not very intuitive IMO, but it does work.
  4. Hi, I have a similar issue with the last version of Evernote. Somehow they changed the way you position the cursor to initiate typing: the result is that if you only have an image in the note, is very difficult to find the correct spot to start typing. This is in the Windows version of the client.
  5. +1 Those gigantic blue headers are horrible, and now with the new version is even more difficult to get rid of them! I think there should be an option not to put them when you merge notes.
  6. I particularly like the fact the edits are non-destructive, meaning you can edit your changes at a later date and even go back to the original image (by deleting everything); also you can edit using your pc, tablet o smartphone indifferently. Good job! Thanks, Nicola
  7. It's really easy to be oh so critical when you aren't directly involved in the work under the hood. I'm pretty sure they did not remove it & have not added it back yet just to peeve off their users. In the life of Evernote, this is a pretty new feature and there are workarounds that can be used & were used before this feature was added. I'm guessing EN simply haven't fine tuned whatever it was that caused them to remove this in the first place and/or there may be other, more pressing priorities. And I'm sure everyone would agree it's best to not roll something out before it's fully cooked. by all means I do understand this, and I am not among the super angry mob... I was just wondering if perhaps they could just elaborate a bit on what the issue is and what we could expect in the near future...
  8. I recently noticed that, on my Android tablet, if I edit an image that I previously edited with Skitch, I can still edit the shapes (the image is not rasterized)...I can't remember if that was the case before, but this is very good! I wonder if this is the reason why they removed the "edit with Skitch" thing in WINDOWS (I think once the image was saved, it was rasterized and you could not delete or modify what you did before). Or maybe is something else...I just wonder why nobody takes a second to just explain what the problem is (then we can all patiently wait for the problem to be solved). Nicola
  9. No problem MattH, I normally always download/buy the latest version of everything....what happened here is making me reconsider my position...I just don't understand why they are trying to fix something that is not broken (but maybe there is an explanation, I just would like to know). Nicola
  10. Nope: I just downloaded the latest version and the option doesn't seem to be there; would, at the very least, be possible to know WHY it was taken out (in my opinion, it was working perfectly). Thanks
  11. Hi, could you please fix the issue ASAP, I use this function a lot too! Thanks! Nicola
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