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  1. Hey all-- Is there a way to change the settings for presentations? By default, if I have merged several notes and run a presentation on the merged note, the title of each (merged) note is in a text box with grey fill and the font is white. It's unreadable. Alternatively, is there a way to run a presentation through a notebook, one slide per note? I'm a premium user and I find the presentation feature woefully pedestrian. Thanks!
  2. I frequently need to copy-paste note links from one notebook to another. (Let's say A to B and vice-versa.) Notebook A is shared with other users; B is not. When copying a link from B into a note in A, I get the following popup message: You are pasting a note link into a shared notebook from a different notebook. Viewers of the shared notebook will not be able to access the note associated with this link. Each time I have to click on "Okay" to continue. This is annoying. How do I disable this warning? Or at least say "okay" once per session or something like that?
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