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  1. Potentially. At this stage it's just an experiment, it could go many different ways. I'm a long time power user of Evernote, and always looking for improvements.
  2. I have a project under early development designed to do the linking between notes very easily. There is a video demo of the early version here:
  3. Former Evernote power user for years. Left because of limitations, and non-responsiveness on product dev to community requests (when they went from v3 to v5). As a developer decided to do something about my own personal wishlist of features and build my own concept. In early development stages, but perhaps I could launch and implement features such as this. Below is a very early version product demo video. Open to feedback. FlexRM - Flexible relational data manager.
  4. Ok just to update anyone interested..... I've "upgraded" Evernote to version 5.7 through a complete reinstall. During the process I've decided I've had enough of this BS from EN everytime they do a major upgrade. Consensus among long time users seems to be that it's been downhill since version 3, and I'm tired of the work arounds, the uninstalling and downgrading. I've moved myself over to Conqu for task management as I'm a die hard GTD user and it's great for that, and way better than Evernote for task management. I'll leave my reference and data in EN until I find a replacement for it for that use. I encourage anyone using EN for task management to check out Conqu. They have apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. http://conqu.com I'm already feeling so much better! Thanks to the community here for the links and threads on uninstalling etc. EN Inc. should reward you with a better product. -- R
  5. That honestly looks great. I thought 3 looked good... Well I also though it was great, but I'm sure the Evernote designers would argue for days about how much better this latest version is though.
  6. Probably many more will need to post.... There is an open source client for Evernote web called "Nixnote" that is a java app and will run on many devices. I didn't really want to bother getting it up and running on my Mac. If it weren't adding value to a business that has no regard for it's users, I would contribute to the UI/UX of that project. BTW Conqu seems to be a very legitimate alternative for task management. Its simplified and designed to support the GTD methodology. It seems to be in an early stage as for as the UI is concerned, but at least I can look at it and see things.
  7. Seems to be a new contender for the task management I was using evernote for. http://conqu.com/ Trying it out now...
  8. BTW here is an image of probably the pinnacle of Evernote interface design. It's not "great" but it worked and it got out of the way so you could do things... http://goo.gl/nq2nOu I was literally still using version 3 for mac until this summer. There is a hidden download link somewhere on the web for this version, but obviously any DB updated to a newer version wouldnt work.
  9. Another update in trying to deal with this atrocity of an interface. I found this: http://www.geeknote.me This is way better than the evernote app if you can use the command line. As a full stack web developer I'm familiar with the command line so this may be viable for me to edit my notes while avoiding the crashing/interface of the latest version of the official Evernote app while I migrate to another platform.
  10. I noticed a "database update". If it has at all affected the format of the DB, I would bet no.
  11. I don't know what other version information you require. I've submitted probably 2 dozen crash reports this weekend, sometimes I put my email, sometimes I don't. This is ruining my ability to do my job, literally.
  12. BTW as a tech entreprenuer I've been tempted for a while to launch a competitor to Evenote, seems like they're leaving the door wide open. Anyone SERIOUS in talking about this (C, Objective C, Cocoa devs) can PM.
  13. Completely and 100% agree. I have a UI/UX background dating back to the 90's (it was called "human interface" or "multi-media" design back then). I've myself designed dozens of interfaces, mostly for the web, and seen the evolution of interface development over the last two decades. Evernote has continually "devolved" as an interface, adding marginally useful features while the interface falls apart in an attempt to continually pile on the bandwagon of any silly trend (yeah flat was cool what, like 3 years ago? Following Apple design cues at this point is acquiscence to a lack of design insight). This latest version, as the OP stated, is completely terrible. Its lacking in any discitintive elements deliniating between different catagories of information, and uses such a narrow color pallet that any contrast is nearly impossible. This is absolutely terrible and a design faux pas as not only does it "wash out" the app interface when viewing off angle on a flat screen display, it also makes a terrible choice for those with accessibility issues who need high contrast. I've had continually increasing crashing issues on my Mac (yeah I run Lion, becuase Mac OS is now a dead in terms of inspiration in its interface, as shown by the latest release. Lion is supposedly supported by Evernote). To add insult to injury as Evernote takes advantage of those who are now tied to thier platform as they attempt to throw more digital "spaghetti" at the wall in a narrow and short sited attempt to increase business revenue, I literally upgraded my account again to disable the "Contexts" feature, I've never upgraded to disable a feature before. Great and smart way to bilk users out of money, its the new business model, punish users and then make them pay to have it stop! I am sad/happy to say I will be asking for a refund on my purchase and migrating to a new system. The best candidate for a replacement that I have found is: http://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/ Its as or more flexible than Evernote, and it's interface is not good, but I literally cant read some text on screen in Evernote now (grey text on a light grey background for notebook filter search results? Are you serious?) any my productivity is literally f@#ked. #RIPevernote The original was amazing, and up until version 3 was simply a productivity junky's dream. Best of luck to the rest of you who continue to struggle on. -- R
  14. UPDATE 2: It may have to do with the number of results in the filter pane. I can somewhat predictably cause the app to hang by typing certain letters first, letters that have higher occurance in notebook names than others ("n" will cause app to freeze when typed first in the filter pane relatively consitently, while the letter "b" almost never does). Also rushing the key command sequence seems to increase the probability the app will freeze.
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