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  1. Does anyone have an idea on how to append the title of the note? I want to have it say something like "Checking Account Statement: " and then place the title of the file. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ok guys, listen. Te issue is that these zip files ARE NOT SEARCHABLE. Before, I could literally do a spotlight search and evernote would look through everything INCLUDING PAGES documents. Without that feature, it is worthless to put these files in here for quick spotlight searchable access. Evernote, I would pay 500 bucks a year to bring this damn feature back. I dont like indian givers. I understand apple changed something. Call Apple and work on a fix. Do you need the number or something? Frustrated that this is STILL not a priority
  3. Does anyone have an idea on how to make a proper mail rule in Mac OS X that can forward to the correct notebook and add the correct tags?
  4. The problem is that documents aren't searchable as zip files... am I correct on that front? I want to be able to put my documents in and search for words to have the documents come up - just like PDFs
  5. Do we have a status on Evernote supporting the new extension of Pages? This is long overdue. I do not going to convert every Pages file to a PDF just to put it in evernote.... Status Joackolicious?
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