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  1. Does anyone have an idea on how to append the title of the note? I want to have it say something like "Checking Account Statement: " and then place the title of the file. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ok guys, listen. Te issue is that these zip files ARE NOT SEARCHABLE. Before, I could literally do a spotlight search and evernote would look through everything INCLUDING PAGES documents. Without that feature, it is worthless to put these files in here for quick spotlight searchable access. Evernote, I would pay 500 bucks a year to bring this damn feature back. I dont like indian givers. I understand apple changed something. Call Apple and work on a fix. Do you need the number or something? Frustrated that this is STILL not a priority
  3. Hi gazumped - the problem is that all these IFTTT recipes only work with GMAIL. I do not use gmail, but my own IMAP domain email address. I also want the ability to make other rules for other manufacturers that can do the same thing. I don't want to go through the loop hole of creating a gmail account so I can automatically forward emails to gmail just to have this recipe work. It should be easier than this! You know?
  4. I want to setup Evernote to automatically forward notes that I declare to be receipts (for example, amazon.com purchases) to go to my @receipts notebook and haves #2104 and #receipts tags on them. In Mac Mail Rules, there is no way to edit the Message line of an incoming email before forwarding it out. However, there is an option to add text to the body of the forwarded message. Can EVERNOTE please allow the Subject Notebook and Tags option for automatically organizing notes work through the body of the message too???? My company purchases a ton of stuff, and it would be easier to have this just do it rather than me doing it manually by forwarding. I do not want to have things forward to the inbox and then have me have to take more time to organize afterwards in Evernote.
  5. Does anyone have an idea on how to make a proper mail rule in Mac OS X that can forward to the correct notebook and add the correct tags?
  6. The problem is that documents aren't searchable as zip files... am I correct on that front? I want to be able to put my documents in and search for words to have the documents come up - just like PDFs
  7. Do we have a status on Evernote supporting the new extension of Pages? This is long overdue. I do not going to convert every Pages file to a PDF just to put it in evernote.... Status Joackolicious?
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