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  1. +1 This is a major nuisance! Not only is the edit-delete-edit technique tedious, it renders the recent notes list *useless* if you are just referencing older notes. The other option is to open the note you're looking for in its own window. But then you end up in window management purgatory.
  2. Thanks for responding. Here's my problem in visuals. What I want (plain text links): What I can get by fiddling each link anchor manually (silly paperclip icons – bad enough in a list, excruciating embedded in text): What I get by default (ugly giant balloons):
  3. Selecting part of a sentence eliminates the ugly giant balloon, but it forces me to put extra text around the link text, and then delete it once I've created the actual link But, then, it leaves me with a silly paperclip icon just before the link text.
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