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  1. Thank you all for your advice, I will open a ticket as advised and report results back for completeness.
  2. Thanks for your responses everyone. The issue is not mail volume, we process 15 or 20 a day, and are nowhere remotely near any sort of upload limit. I will try the suggestions when i get into the offfice. The way these scans are typically uploaded is from a Konica c224. I have the Evernote email address as a preset destination in the scanning menu. I can email from the scanner to any of the regular email addresses, but when I email to EN, it just doesn't show up. I have emailed from a pc into evernote just fine. Now im really confused. I have the correct email address, and a working machine that sends emails no problem. Can anyone shed light on this? Thank you
  3. Hi all, I am a premium user of 2 years now, who uses EN to organize 7 small businesses, and am just over 10k notes deep at the moment. This system is wonderful for our purposes, we can build 15 houses at once with great document control. Now I'm having an issue in that none of the new invoices are showing up. I scan them as always, and the IT guy who set up our system used appriver as the email service. Anyway, dozens of invoices are piling up and I need to find out what my issue is. Can anyone help? Thank you Gary
  4. Hello everyone, I am the very busy manager of a residential construction firm, and Evernote is one of the three systems that truly run this company. I am quite thankful, That said, I have a serious issue that I need help with. I use the OCR function to have EN search through all the invoices to pick out specific part numbers, and assemble them on one screen so I can compare prices & specs. I am noticing that a significant portion of my 4k+ notes are simple PDF's with no searchability within them. My only clue is that the recent ones are good, and searchable using the OCR Functionality, and all of these were uploaded by using the windows "send to" Option after downloading the PDF from a particular supplier. At least some of the notes uploaded using a scanner are not searchable. Is my scanner insufficient? I'm using a KM C364 PCL Officejet. Im at a loss and losing hours over this issue.
  5. I'm going to go back through and put the invoice number into each title. OCR is quick for me, but at times, I will scan in a document, search some random scrap of text, and evernote will find it. If I merge, then search again, it will miss it. Is it that the OCR function must be redone after any merges?
  6. Hello all. I'm a premium user and have been using evernote for around two weeks to organize and store all the invoices and statements at my company. Im seeing an with the OCR function, the crown jewel of this system, after merging notes. I merge particular tickets to their parent invoice, and after payment merge the check stub as well. After I merge the documents, I'm having issues with OCR picking up on the account numbers. is this common? I absolutely must have this function for the office to run smoothly
  7. No additional app should be needed, allow me to be clear, prior to my renaming of the pdfs, they all open just fine on my HTC EVO 4g LTE. After renaming, and only the particular attchments that were renamed, no longer open and generate the aforementioned error. Resolution: I renamed again, this time omitting blank spaces and special characters, and the pdfs once again open as expected. I did download adobe anyway though. Thanks a bunch for your help
  8. I just (unwisely) renamed some of my pdfs in this format "Cox 5/11" and now when I try to view them on my android device (all field officers are issued android devices), I get the error "No application found to open this attachment" Is that the side effect of using special characters?
  9. Hello everyone, and thanks in Advance for your assistance. I'm currently in the nascent stages of using Evernote to run office operations for a small developing firm in Va. We build less than 10 houses per year, and are constantly developing new subdivisions. This lead to a daunting amount of paperwork, and the management team was becoming overwhelmed and demoralized by the strain. I was called in from the field to streamline operations and setup a new system. I intend to use Evernote for Invoice review. The owners are in the field, and their oversight is critical to the success of our projects. They are constantly heading back to the home office to review paperwork, just driving all the way in, to sit around and look at pieces of paper. To do away with that nonsense, I want to scan every invoice in, and tag all transactions up for review with an "Attention" tag. The owner performs a search function, for the tag "Attention", and if he is content with the veracity of the invoice, tags it with a signature tag. I then process payment, then scan in the payment record, merge it with the original note, delete the attention tag, and move forward. My current concern is that I tag everything by Date. We will have hundreds upon hundreds of date tags within the year. This will lead to a very cumbersome search function. How can I minimize this? create just one tag per month and allow OCR search to do the rest? Or have no date tags whatsoever? Do I write the date in the title to ensure EN search function will find the information. Thanks a million, also, any other relevant advice is very welcome. FYI, I'm using QB Premier 2014, and dropbox for excel spreadsheets
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