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  1. Thanks graham! That works for me as well. So it seems like the problem is a combination of the Xperia keyboard software and Evernote. Nevertheless, I think the Evernote developers should look into this. Because Evernote is the only app I ever used which has troubles with the Xperia keyboard. I really don't want to use SwiftKey just to circumvent a bug in Evernote. So if any Evernote developer is reading this. Pretty please with sugar on top, could you check this out. This bug is ancient. Thanks.
  2. I posted a report in Evernote for Android App Beta Test on Google+. Hopefully we get some reaction there. https://plus.google.com/105231237251889093433/posts/8ezWek7eygb
  3. I wish they would fix this. I kind of gave up hope though. That bug has been in Evernote since ever. I updated my Xperia T to Andriod 4.3 in the mean time. Evernote currently 5.8.1. Who knows. Since Evernote is the only App that shows this problem, I would say Evernote is not necessarily innocent.
  4. Hi. Does anyone else have this problem as well? I am not able to select text when in edit mode. When I do a double tap on a word, I can see that the word is highlighted for a split second and that the markers for the left and right edge of the selection are visible. But the selection and the markers go away instantly and so I am not able to copy/paste anything in the edtior. Maybe I am doing it wrong? I tried a lot. Tap, tap and hold, double tap, double tap and hold,triple dap and so forth. It's a pain to write some text (shopping lists, etc.) without copy/paste. The phone I am using is a
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