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  1. EVERNOTEweb and on my Note3 STACKS always randomly expanded when I open EN! ALSO when I create a new notebook stacks expand randomly! ?ALSO can I create a new notebook and put it directly into a stack? I LOVE the idea of storing ""EVERYTHING"" (paperless) in one place!
  2. I noticed you referred to your database size in EN. ?How do I reference my database size? I don't know why you are saying:”Evernote is not geared toward storing large files “, when every EN add and training video says: STORE EVERYTHING. Really I do not have large files. Simply trying to go paperless. EN seems to be the answer, but I am concerned this limit will get expensive. Let's be real here, just like the user trying to archive the recipes and ONLY 10 RECIEPES AND HIT THE ENfree LIMIT. I did the same with receipts and in just a few days I hit the ENfree limit. SO I WENT PREMIUM and in just six days I am getting reports I only have 1M remaining. THAT IS A LITTLE ALARMING!!! I HAVE NOTICED A DEFFERENCE in EN's reporting of my data usage: I went premium 12/13/13 and these are the usage reports I get: my Note3 reports 2M used out of my 1G limit and my ENweb reports 1M remaining on my limit I could be disappointed and that has affected my attitude towards EN. I JUST DO NOT THINK I HAVE USED 1G OF DATA IN 6 DAYS!!! The Note3 report is more believable and I can understand 2M of data.
  3. I do want to add be very careful!!! After six days of going premium I only have 1MB left out of my 1GB limit. I have been learning clipper and I guess that uses tons of data. Maybe I will only clip the link. But, it does seem this upload limit can get expensive.
  4. The upload limit is the “”hand-cuffs”” of Evernote! Especially when a beginner is trying to go paperless. As for saving space on your recipe photos. I did see a YT video which suggested to change the camera resolution to VGA mode, BEFORE YOU TAKE THE PHOTO. I tried this on my receipts and the photos are just as clear. Once you change to VGA that mode remains until you change it again, even after closing the APP and reopening. To change modes on a note3: when I open the camera a icon @ bottom left next to zoom bar. That will open a toolbar there you will see a icon two arrows pointing opposite that icon opens the mode and I selected VGA I bought the $45 annual Premium upgrade and my usage is about 1mb in 6days. The overage charge is $5/GB. I do not like this much because it reminds me of the “”UNLIMITED”” DATA usage cell carriers started with and after we got hooked now most of them are charging about $10/GB!
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