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  1. All, As I mentioned earlier, when I first noticed the problem, I "updated" Evernote to the latest version. This appeared to "uninstall" old versions then install the latest. However, that did not resolve the problem. Over the weekend I manually uninstalled Evernote, backed up/deleted my local database files, then reinstalled Evernote and sync'd. This has solved my problem. I can see all my notebooks again! Thanks again to all who tried to help. Rulison
  2. I agree, and that is how it used to work, but now when I click on the "all notebooks" drop down, all i get is a mini dialog box saying "search notebooks". No matter what I type in that dialog (the letter "A", for example), it returns "not found".
  3. All the notes are there. I turned off the notes view for privacy before creating the screenshots. I can search and find notes just fine. I can't search and find notebooks, and can't even see my list of 50+ notebooks/stacks.
  4. I shut down every night and start fresh every morning. This has been going on for some time. I updated to (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) today, which, I believe, completely uninstalled previous version and installed new. Symptoms described here were unchanged after the update. Thanks for your time. If you think of anything else, please let me know. I submitted a ticket direct to Evernote. If they come up with anything I'll come back and post here.
  5. No caret left of "Notebooks". If I click on "notebooks" in the left panel, i just get a list of all notes in all notebooks. Not a list of notebooks, as you would expect. And no, I do not see my notebooks if I click on the drop down in the header area. Doing that just gives me a dialog to "search notebooks".
  6. I have 50+ notebooks. Can see them all on Evernote Web. I intentionally turned off the note list before taking the screenshot. I'm a longtime EN user with lots of experience. Just can't figure this one out!
  7. Sorry, here's a better screenshot. You have to have the mouse pointer in the left panel to see the triangles (or lack thereof).
  8. Thanks for the quick response, Guru. Here's a screenshot.
  9. I'm on EN Windows Desktop latest version. I don't even have a little triangle in the sidebar to open my list of notebooks. I have 50 notebooks but can't see them in the desktop app. I have to go to the web version to see them. Thoughts?
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